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August 10, 2005, 11:05 pm

I promised that I would post something up which will show you a painting in progress. If you click this link it will load in a pop up window.
Click here for picture

Also we have got a new range of images to show off at the weekend which are a little different to our normal range. They still follow along the film imagery route but they almost have a more intimate, personal feel. There are currently 4 images available and they will be limited to 30 only and they are also a completely different size to the normal range. You could say that they are more like busts as opposed to full size statues. We will have these up on our ebay shop after the show.

I have spent 2 hours trying to write this in between the advert breaks on LOST. Just watching the next episode on E4. I'm liking this program. Alot.



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