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August 07, 2005, 3:28 pm

Preparations for Memorabilia

We started preparing for Memorabilia on Friday night. Normmally our preparations involve working out what we should be taking with us. Making sure there are enough mounts in stock, bagging, etc etc. This time we dscided we would prepare by sitting in o'neills on Broad Street for about 5 hours drinking ourselves silly.Not much got done on Saturday either strangely enough.

We will be getting everything ready over the next few days. One of the things we will be able to do is accept credit card payments through PayPal whilst we at the show. We will have a computer down at the show and will be able to connect to the web using bluetooth. This has always been a restriction before but we are trying to adapt our business to match the demands of the consumer (God that sounded a bit corporate didn't it).

I am going to put something up towards the end of the week which will should show you a painting in progress. We have been taking photographs of one of the paintings to try and give a time lapse feel and I am aiming to have this up before the show on Friday. Check back later.



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