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May 24, 2006, 8:21 pm

I've just uploaded a new picture to the sketchbook (which, whenever you visit this page or refresh this page should give you a different picture each time so you might need to refresh a few times). I have been informed that this one is a BIG painting!! Alan is now gearing up to have a few of the unfinished paintings ready for the next show (London Film & Comic Con).

We are still trying to decide a top ten for the entries to the competition (even though entries are still coming through). I will be taking the competition off line at the end of this month and should have a top ten to post up for you so you can start voting a week or so after that. Alan has mentioned to me again that he would like to sketch the entries for the top ten but then that means he probably won't come to the pub for a fortnight!!!

Hasta la vista baby. I'll be back.



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