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July 17, 2006, 7:42 pm

Grrrrr Alan here. This is my second attempt after accidently deleting my first go. Anyway Jason is on holiday so I've been left with the simple task of updating the blog. It would be simple of course, if I could upload some pictures or have some fantastic interesting news to impart. As I can't upload images at present I will impart some not so interesting news instead.

At the moment I am preping the Clockwork Orange and a '68 Mustang commission for painting and will upload some pictures once painting is underway.

Postal charges are due to rise in August. We are hoping (if we could only find out accurately what the new charges will be for us) not to increase our postal costs.

I think we only have a couple of General Lees left before they are gone forever.

Now what film car painting should I do next..... Bullitts Mustang, Kowalskis Challenger or perhaps Boppers MFP ????



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