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July 06, 2007, 7:57 pm

We are at memorabilia this weekend so if your coming don't forget to say hello. We have a half size stand due to the show being smaller so you might have to hunt us out. I am sure you will find us with all the usual stuff, beer and beer, I mean prints and original paintings.

So if your not going to the NEC what will you miss I hear you ask.

Well we will be exhibiting the Aliens painting for the first time in public.
Here is a photo of it with Alan, who could not stop laughing for some unknown reason, standing in front of it.

We will have some number one prints for sale -
The Punisher
Taxi Driver
and Carbon Chamber.

We will also have the last prints ever of The Grudge and Trinity for sale.

Please note we are also down to the last four/five prints of the following before we are completely sold out
Mad Max MFP (coolest cars ever)
Wez (Mad Max)
Bruce Lee
Pulp Fiction pair (Jules and Vincent)
and Reservoir Dogs

So what about some new paintings and prints. OK so I have been asking Alan what he's been up to... He said "how about
this," and I said "now that's what I'm talking about, fo shizzle"!!! and its from a film that I HAVE SEEN.

I don't think I need to say anymore except that it's available in our online shop and our ebay shop. Be the quickest to get print number one. It is a limited print run of only 25.

Before anyone asks the original painting has already been snapped up by our most prolific collector. (Hi Jodie!! I'm pushing for the Transporter painting too).

Last of all we will be showing an original painting from some new work Alan has been doing. We have a new site - - which is on the way. After the success of the Steven Gerrard portrait last year Alan has started painting some more football portraits. Each will have a limited run of prints which will be produced the same way as the movie prints. Here is a couple of pics of him working on the first painting.

The finished Steve Bull print is now available from our ebay shop and the original painting will be on display at the NEC this weekend. Alan will add to the football portraits over the next few months, but I can assure you this will not slow his work on movie portraits.

If you're at the show don't forget that you can see his sketchbook as there are a couple of commission sketches that I can't show you online.

See ya at the NE-muthahuffin-C.



Blogger jodo said...

i think that's the most jason has ever written....

i'm loving my new painting (but fast running out of walls!) roll on payday!

1:05 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jodie, thats because I wrote it pretty much. ( the artist formaally kowm as the artist} Alan

1:18 am  
Blogger jodo said...

Tim says shotgun for the number one of mr pegg... he'll pay you next week! if it's still there... he's without net this wknd...

9:26 am  

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