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August 19, 2007, 5:37 pm

So what's new. Well last night I was sittng half watching the T.V. when a trail came on for Match of the Day. Although I wasn't paying attention I could hear the voice over and backing track. The backing track seemed vaguely familiar, a strong bass line with 4 chord guitar riff.

Oh My God..... 3 years ago I went to see a band a friend had started to manage, play their first ever gig. I think there must have been about 15 of us in attendance and that included the other acts. They were already fairly polished after spending a lot of time writing and practising in a recording studio. My mate gave me a load of their demo stuff. I saw the band 4 or so times after that but lost contact with them and my friend after he moved to another job. I was supposed to be painting their portrait and was given a ton of images to work from but never got around to it. My favourite track of theirs was Loco and is the number one track on the first CD in my car....... so there it was backing the trail to Match of the Day.. Unbelieivable....

After a search on the net I am pleased to see the band seemed to have found some success, with both singles and an album out as well as appearing at Glastonbury this year. So look out for THE RIPPS...... I wonder if they still want me to paint their portrait.

Anyway enough about that. here is something that should please at least one person out there. Hi Jodie! Say hello to your latest friend.......



Blogger jodo said...

is it wrong that all my friends are either inanimate and canvas-y or cats?

see you fri!

11:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

... or strange!!

1:04 pm  

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