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September 05, 2007, 8:59 pm

Just thought you might like an update of our London Film and Comic Convention experience...

Well all I can say is that it was the darkest, dingiest place you could ever have imagined. Upstairs, hidden away in the old Earl's Court, not the new clean venue of the past few years. Certainly not the sort of place you would imagine hosting the supposed foremost UK Film and Comic convention. Anyway enough of moaning (even though the light was so bad it changed the colour of all the prints - Hellboy seemed to be brown not red), we had a great time until I ate some dodgy chicken at the hotel, which slowed our chillaxing drinking a little.....

Okay so here's a picture of our stand, I know it looks light but that's the flash on the camera.

Managed to brave the crush of people trying to get near the Heroes people and got the cheerleaders signature. She's tiny. Oh and by the way if you haven't seen all of the series yet, sorry this is a spoiler........

This next pic perhaps demonstrates how dark the venue was (just look at the background).

Here's self styled Funkmaster J cuddling Autobot Bumblebee from Transformers or as sensible Al would say - "Jase!! It's a beat up, badly painted 70's Camaro not a Transformer, leave it alone!!!" Still I didn't want to shatter his dreams...

So finally
Weekend Props -
Being in London
Ibis hotel bar staff for managing to pour Mickey Mouse's
Meeting all the people who visited the stand and bought stuff
Laughing at people running to get signatures (it was like watching Intacto for real)
Subway for providing lunchtime food
Picking up the region one extended cut of Death Proof

Weekend Slops -
Being in London
The venue lighting (or lack of it)
Ibis hotel staff for trying to poison me to prevent me buying Mickey Mouses
Having to explain to the usual suspects that the canvases on the back of the stand are paintings



Blogger RedBen said...

Met you guys on sunday, bought a few prints after haggling a price.I only visited the website to see what other prints you have available but your blog makes me laugh. must admit iv never heard for a micky mouse but earls court 1 really is a miserable hole. looking forward to seeing some new works soon.

11:17 am  

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