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March 25, 2008, 5:11 pm

Another day and unbelievably it's another blog entry from Al. I have just been up to my local gallery and framers and picked up the framed snowspeeder illustration. This is now about 75cm wide and is being modelled by it's new owner, Jed....

This will be on display at the weekend along with Jason's Top Gun illustration (he's determined to bring it with him so what could I do). Also I will have the finalised giclee to show of the snowspeeder illustration. I am aiming to print only 15 of these (it is an expensive process) and will be taking preliminary orders at the show.

Ahhh tweed, I'm loving it. Here is another update of the Wicker Man. I don't actually paint this much in a day, these are just progress pics that have been taken over the last month or so.

And finally another sketch. Well actually I only did it to keep Jase guessing, he still doesn't know what film it's from yet.

P.S. Yes Tim an image from Planet Terror mey be on the horizon.

Actually I do need help. If I was planning to paint the biggest ZOMBIE picture I could, (1.5m x 1m) for the end of the year, what should my reference be. I am sort of thinking of a group of zombies, perhaps from the shopping mall in Dawn of the Dead (original). Or perhaps collecting all the best zombies from different movies, suggestions in the comments, thanks...

Til tomorrow.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zombie pics......

Shaun of the Dead.
Nick Frost sat in the shed at the end with the playstation. Bill Nighy as Philip shut in his Jag. The landlord of the winchester geeting whacked with pool cues in time to Queen on the jukebox.

28 Weeks / Days Later.
Robert Carlyle or Brendan Gleeson as one of the

Dawn of the Dead ( 2005 )
The small girl right at the start, she is in the corridor just before she runs at the bedroom and sinks her teeth into the boyfriends neck.

Resident Evil
Zombie Dobermanns....yuk

Thats stright of the top of my head. i'll get my thinking cap on now.


11:18 am  

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