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March 28, 2008, 12:35 pm

Last blog of the week. I'm off to the NEC to set up for Memorabilia in a bit. There will be the usual mix of paintings and prints on display and for sale. If you are dropping by, the finished Wicker Man painting will be there as well as the Top Gun and Snowspeeder illustrations.

I will also have some limited edition giclee prints of the Snowspeeder illustration for sale. These are the same size as the illustration, (0.5m wide - which is over twice the size of our normal prints) and are printed onto a canvas style paper. They will be available for £40.00 and are limited to 25 only.

The sketch books will be there so just ask if you want to have a look at what I might be painting next. Finally the bar will be open and any liquid donations are always gratefully accepted and fully recycled.

Finally, this is just for one of our competition winners......

....this is the prelim sketch, for Mark's suggestion.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

now that looks very cool.....

My daughter is doing a diploma in art & media, and she in awe of the work you are producing, she still can't beleive you do this stuff freehand.



6:37 pm  
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