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March 05, 2008, 1:53 pm

Well another show is now safely behind us. Thanks to everyone who came to say hello. Here is a photo of the backwall of the stand.

It was an especially long show for me as, due to unforseen circumstances, Jason could only help out for Saturday afternoon which left me to run the stand on my own (OK I had a little help from my wife and kids). As those of you who attended know, I didn't manage to sort out the snowspeeder giclee and (to some peoples relief) I didn't bring Jason's Top Gun illustration. All I can say is that I will promise to bring it to Memorabilia.

The voting should be closing tonight for the competition and I think I can safely say that it looks as if Mark How is the winner with Pinhead. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Now for the show props and slops.

Bruce Campbell
Tim for remembering my birthday and looking after the stand
Tim for buying the original Stormtrooper painting
Ciaran for dropping by to see his Wicker man sketch
The stand that sold me the 1/18 scale V8 Interceptor (my birthday present!!!)
Everyone else who said hello.

The wind for almost blowing me and a number of paintings away
Having to look after the stand on my own (loo breaks became very important)
Beer in plastic bottles? (I guess it's because it was at a football stadium)
Mothers Day lack of visitors (to be fair it was the first show so hopefully it will attract more people next time)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the idea of beer in plastic bottles is so that once the beer is gone, you can recycle the bottle saving you a trip to the loo...........just don't leave the bottle lying around in case someone thinks they've found a free beer !!!

I think your kind comment about pinhead may have been a tad premature. Over 150 votes cast for Indiana Jones in about an hour after 6pm.....shift worker in a call center ???? ho ho ho



7:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and Bruce Campbell pulled out???..................................................

Other Mark

10:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah, Bruce was definitely there. Really sound bloke as it happens.

Hope you showed Jason your birthday card and it prompted the desired reaction. Haven't forgotten to send you payment for the painting!!

Awesome to catch you again and all being well I'll see you at the end of March!



7:28 am  

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