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November 04, 2008, 4:52 pm

Here is the Collectormania Midlands show report.

everyone who came by and said hello
the guys from in2flicks who were happy to spend the show chatting to us
the announcement over the tanoy for Berk Denedicts photo session (it made us laugh anyway)

thats about it for the props which perhaps tells you much about the show!

Yep, the whole show was dire
"rant on" - Showmasters seemed at a loss to be able to replace their guests when they cancelled (I guess they'll blame the celebrity crunch). This led to the Emperors New Clothes syndrome of exposing the event to being a big nothing without the big name draws. It certainly helped to alienate any good will from the dealers who had to pay for the privilege of taking part in the train wreck - still you live and learn. It is disappointing to see that the next show is set up to piggy back Memorabilia at the NEC and appears to be nothing more than a more youthful Autographica. I think you will be able to guess which one we will be showing at. - "rant off"

Finally, I will try and get a better pic of the Joker painting on the blog as soon as the weather improves.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Alan

Nice to chat to you at the show, I will certainly be making some purchases in the very near future sir. I agree with your comments totally about the show - it pretty much sucked for the most part, and that guy on the Tanoy was terrible!

Still, the Joker painting in the flesh is jaw-dropping - nice one!

Oh, just saw the 60's Batmobile on your sketchbook - I would LOVE that as a print if it should come to pass? Oh, and dont forget the Rocky 4 nomination!!!

1:46 pm  

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