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October 12, 2009, 5:57 pm

Here is a big blog update - at last!! This update will show what I have drawing and painting over the last month and show a sneak preview of a new print that will be released soon. I am working on getting another 3 or 4 pieces completed before Memorabilia at the end of November and will try and keep updates weekly from now on(lol).

First up - Steve McQueen prints are now listed in our ebay shop and will be available on this site in the next day or so (Jason permitting).

Secondly - SNEAK PREVIEW - Here is the first of a number of new pieces I am battling to complete. This was something I was going to try and do two years ago as part of a Game of Death trilogy - Oh well better late than never - now I only have one more to do - should be ready by 2011.

For thirds - here are some more WW2 pencil illustrations that have been commissioned for signing by the original pilots that flew the planes.

and finally - just to show why I can't always get new work for the site completed on time - here is a recently completed private commission (I know they're not holding guns, but what can you do - thats clients for ya).



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