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September 29, 2005, 2:52 pm

We have added four new limited prints to the site. These are the latest prints from Alan's original paintings. The paintings will be on display at the NEC in November,(you are not going to believe the size of the Aliens Painting!!!! I don't think there is a wall big enough for it to hang on). The prints are also available from our ebay shop. In case you were wondering Robocop is now my favouritest (??) picture out of our range (although the General Lee is a very close second). Now I just need Alan to paint ED-209. He has twenty seconds to comply! Ha Ha.

After the success of the last competition we have decided to run it again. If you have a favourite image that you think we should paint and want to win print number one, enter now.

We have bought some pixels on the milliondollarhomepage. If you have come from there, welcome to invisibleinc, if not go, to the miliondollarhomepage and see if you can spot our link.

Alan is off to Collectormania 8 tomorrow (only as a visitor) to get the General Lee signed by Catherine Bach, unfortunately someone (me) has to stay and man the fort. We were both planning on going as I wanted Bo Duke to sign mine but he has pulled out.
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September 27, 2005, 12:57 pm

I have spent the last week re-coding the gallery originals section after Alan had sent me over the new layout. We decided that we should try and show in detail as many of the originals we have for sale as so many of you kept asking to see them. Before now they have only been on show whenever we do an exhibition.

To view the revised pages please click the gallery originals link at the top of the page.

I have seen the finished picture from the competition that we ran a little while ago. Christopher Walken from the Deer Hunter - Carl Dines (the competition winner) will be receiving Print Number 1 shortly.

I have also seen some of the other paintings that Alan is working on and I have to say that my favourite image, which was Trinity, has now been replaced!!

Pictures will follow as soon as I get them.
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September 15, 2005, 3:21 pm

We have finally bitten the bullet and made a concerted effort on promoting our selves by advertising. At great expense (Steve, I hope you are reading this) we have booked a half page advertisement in the November Issue of Total Film (on sale 6th October).

Here is our advert which you can enlarge by clicking here.

I have also got some exciting things to mention with regard to the next wave of pictures. Alan has been working hard making sure he gets all the current paintings finished in time for the November Memorabilia show at the NEC. I will be able to show some of the work next week hopefully. We have a couple of the paintings out for scanning and Alan is still finishing off the remainders. As soon as I have the electronic files back from the scanners I will be able to upload.

Two of the paintings I am very excited about. One of them is something Alan has been working on for the last 18 months and the other is from one of my favourite films, although I think that there is something else from this film that I would also like to see – just because it is so cool. I will tell you about that though next week.

I have seen the work so far of the Deer Hunter image which is looking good. We are desperately working on this to have it ready for the show so we can then let have our competition winner have his print number 1.

We have got our stand all booked and sorted for Memorabilia. We have taken more space as this allows us to show more canvasses. I have also just bought a 20” iMac which we will be taking down with us show we can show you various bits of interestingly cool stuff. We won’t, however be showing the missing 40 minutes of Game of Death, the Japanese version of Kill Bill where the black & white sequence is in colour or any Mad Max as this is illegal ;-)

Any suggestions of other things we won’t be showing are welcome. Just leave a comment.
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September 07, 2005, 10:01 pm

New pictures now for sale on our ebay shop.

Here is an image of the first 4 prints from our new range of pictures.

They are smaller prints than our normal range at just 245mm x 196mm (9.6in x 7.7in). This gives us more of an opportunity to produce a range of images that we wouldn’t normally consider for our core product set. These images are much more intimate portraits of film characters, which I think you’ll agree, are really quite striking.

We have had these printed on 175gsm pristine white colourplan paper, which is different again to the other prints we produce, this has more of a feel of cartridge paper to it. We are still using the same colourfast inks.

As usual all prints will be supplied mounted, although this time we are using a matt black core bevel cut mount 304mm x 254mm (12in x 10in). The aperture size is 237mm x 189mm (9.3in x 7.4in) with backboard and certificate of authenticity and sealed in a cellophane bag.

We will not be selling them through this site we will only be selling through our ebay shop. They are limited to 30 prints only. They are £10 each or can be purchased as a full set of 4 for £35. In a full set, the print number will be the same.
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September 03, 2005, 10:19 am

We have are experienceing server problems. You may find that the site is down. Also some of the images will not load correctly on our ebay listings as they are also hosted on our server. We will try and have everything back to normal as soon as we can.
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September 01, 2005, 7:32 pm

We have put up a coming soon panel on the right hand side of this page to give you indications as to what we are currently working on. I personally am very excited about this next image and I have been bugging Alan for the last 18 months for him to get it finished. I personally think it will be Alan's Mona Lisa!
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