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May 27, 2008, 5:29 pm

OK. I know I said I would try and keep updates more regular but I have been under a lot of pressure to produce a new car portrait commission for the tool company I did the muscle cars for. It's a poor excuse but its the only one I've got. So anyway I had a go at drawing a dambuster Lancaster is the result.....

This is the first time I have tried a drawing like this at such a size. It was drawn at A2 size (594mm x 420mm). The guy commissioning it was very pleased with it, although he thought it was quite a bit bigger than he had expected (I think he wanted it to be about half the size I drew it), and took it to get it signed by one of the remaining pilots left alive. He has since come back and commissioned another WWII plane (with a not so tight deadline) I'll post it here when I have finished it.

Work is progressing on a number of other pieces and I will post more news tomorrow.
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May 01, 2008, 7:55 am

It's a new month and I will try and keep updates a bit mare regular from now on. As you may have noticed I have been working on a new painting of a Doctor. This a commission piece fof Pure Nostalgia and I will show further progress pics over the next week or so.

At the moment I am up against a number of tight deadlines as well as preparing the Indy and Hellraiser paintings. I have sarted to explore other horror icons to paint over the summer months - and as I have said before, once a sketch has been done a painting could follow.......

Right now my tightest deadline is a commission pencil sketch of a 617 squadron dambuster for a signing next weekend. I am still desperately doing research on the markings and plane at the moment and if it looks OK I might show the result here.
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