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April 29, 2008, 5:06 pm


posted by alan 3 comments

April 04, 2008, 6:59 pm

At last here is the Memorabilia round up. We had a great show and said goodbye to three paintings over the weekend - Wicker Man, Stormtrooper and the Matrix pair. So to start here is a shot of the stand on Saturday before the show opened.

Next it's Ciaran collecting his birthday present - Wicker Man painting. We have done a limited run of prints of this and will get it uploaded on to the site next week.

I went and saw Doug Jones with my sketch book to get the Abe Sapien drawing signed. He had a look through the book and visited the stand to see the paintings on Sunday.

Finally here is the snowspeeder illustration giclee. The folder sleeve is A1 size so hopefully it gives some sense of the size of the print. These will be also uploaded over the next week or so (Jason's busy with wedding stuff in the moment). If you can't wait just email me and I will sort out a PayPal invoice for you.

Finally the usual props and slops.

Ciaran collecting his painting (the smile said it all).
Doug Jones and Anthony Daniels for visiting the stand on Sunday.
The lady exhibitor from the dollshouse exhibition who had just popped
in to have a look around and ended up purchasing the Matrix painting.
The bar for pouring perfect Mickey Mouses all weekend.
Everyone who popped by and said hello.

Slops (bit of a rant this time)
My feet for hurting.
People who can't grasp that the paintings are paintings and
not prints (even when they are allowed to feel the blobs of paint).
People who would happily pay a decorator £500 to paint their
lounge one colour over a week, yet seem to have a heart attack when told
the price of an original painting.
Me for not drinking enough Mickey Mouses.
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