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November 28, 2007, 7:19 pm

memorabilia 07

We decamped to the NEC over the weekend for the November 2007 Memorabilia show. We had a great time and I managed to keep my statue obsession down to just one this year (Animated Hellboy - it looked lonely). Anyway here's the stand showing some of the original paintings we had on display.

I managed to get Bo Duke's signature on my 01 General Lee print to add to Daisy's. Just need Lukes now. Thanks to Mike at for taking the photos of him signing. I guess I better get on with that Bullitt painting I keep promising to do...

Remember the Summer competition - well here is the winners requested sketch which should be with him just about now. Congratulations to Mark Oldfield. Also here is my daughter HarleyQuinn with the finished Jay and Silent Bob painting (Yes, I know Kevin Smith has a daughter called HarleyQuinn, but mine is older so I thought of it first, so there.....)

NEC November Props
it's local, only 4 miles away
the bar staff know what a Mickey mouse is (Yipee!)
all the people who droped by to say hello
Mike at starcarhire for the reference photos (I now have no excuse)
Mark for hand delivering Total Film
John Schneider for being Bo (I mean he actually owns a General Lee for real)
EA Games hub for keeping my kids entertained all weekend

NEC November Slops
even though it's local it still takes ages to get there
Gazza for the no show (not that I'm really surprised)
the bar staff for running out of one of the essential ingredients of Mickey Mouse
Marks and Spencer for no longer making Fizzy Fish
EA Games hub for turning my kids into zombies
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November 21, 2007, 7:33 pm

You will probably notice the calendar ordering button disappear tonight. I am afraid to announce that due to circunstances outside our control we will be unable to produce our calendar this year. We have refunded everyone who preordered one and can only apologise for it's non appearance. We are as disappointed as you.

Any way onto something more upbeat and exciting. We are very busy preparing for the NEC at the weekend. We have quite a large stand so come and say hello. Please remember we can only carry limited stock so if you are coming to purchase a specific print let us know and we will make sure we put one aside. So whats going to be new then? OK well out of the vaults will be Mr Blonde number one and Kill Bill number one. We also will have the last Bruce Fist of Fury print and the last Grudge print.

Ahh ha but that is not new stuff is it. So here are four new landscape prints (I know I have shown the pirate one already)....

and here are two new portrait prints (i know I have shown one on the facebook page and I know the other should be on the cultfootballart site, but he is signing at the NEC so I thought I would show it anyway)

and finally here are the eyes pairs. We have managed to bring the price of these down to £35.00 a pair.

All these will available at the show and in our online shop and on ebay over the weekend. So to all who are attending the show, see you there and don't forget I drink Mickey Mouse!!!!
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Two updates tonight. Number one which I should have put up a couple of days ago is some final bits to one of the new paintings. This was suppose to be a slow reveal into the new prints., but due to my inability to keep blogs on time they are a bit late.

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November 14, 2007, 7:46 pm

Wow a two posts in one day. Just thought you might like to something in progress that will be on display at the NEC.....(the finished version of course).

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I know I promised a post last night, but better late than never. Here is the first of the new prints (this painting was requested by my wife). This print is going to have a bit of gold foil added by hand to his tooth, so each one will be individual and unique.

Some people have had problems entering our current competition. We have set up a discussion page on facebook and you can enter there if you are having difficulties.
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November 12, 2007, 7:12 pm

With only 2 weeks before the NEC here are some more eyes. Jason Funmaster McLovin has tried to sneak a Top Gun entry into the competition, but fortunately I spotted it. New print to be posted tomorrow, promise.

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November 08, 2007, 7:48 pm

Despite my poorly hand I have been been working hard on trying to complete some of the paintings I have in progress. I am hoping to have four or five new prints ready for launch at the NEC. If you are on our Facebook group you will have already seen one of them. Here is another painting in progress. As Rolf would say "can you see what it is yet...."

PS. If you hit refresh the calendar picture should change.
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November 07, 2007, 7:52 pm

We are still working on the right hand menu and hope to upload more changes soon. In the meantime, as promised, I am going to start showing you stuff that will be available from the end of November and premiering at the NEC. So without further delay here is the first new product.......

These will be sold as pairs (obviously) and will cost £40.00 plus postage. They will be limited to 25 pairs only and signed.
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November 05, 2007, 6:52 pm

At last!!!
Sorry for the gap in blogs but unfortunately I managed to fall over on holiday and somehow tear the tendons in my wrist and hand and I wasn't even drunk. It's been hard to lift a glass of beer let alone anything else. At the moment I still can't drive and am enjoying been chauffeured around by my wife and Jason. Anyway its the count down to the NEC and Xmas so I thought I had better start showing you some of the new stuff I have been working on over the last few months. During the next few weeks there will be regular updates showing some new paintings and prints.

Jason will be changing the panel on the right later and it will allow you to be able to view the competition entries we have received so far. Keep them coming in as we will not be closing the suggestion part until after the NEC. (P.S. he's lent my son Top Gun, I think he's trying a new route to get me to do a painting).

So what can I show you today. Well thanks to a bit of Facebook feedback we have decided that next years calendar will follow the same format as previous years. The theme this year is our sold out prints. It will be available for preordering and should be ready for shipping within the next two weeks. The first 10 will have the cover signed by me. Anyway here it is......

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