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November 23, 2006, 10:27 pm

Don't forget that this weekend is Memorabilia at the NEC. A word of warning though, if you are coming to the NEC don't leave it too late as there is the Good Food Show on at the same time so I would expect the traffic to be murder! But don't let that put you off coming.

On a brighter note, it would appear that Father Christmas has been checking out our work as we received word yesterday from one of his elves (I went to school with him - nice bloke, but a bit too intense for my liking!) that a little boy had put 3 of our prints down on his christmas list. Aaah how nice. Only problem is Sant wanted to see if he could get a discount if he bought all three, cheek or what!

We have replenished the stock after the show up in Manchester (where the beer is still like urine!), so there will still Tshirts, some last remaining print number 50's (the last one before they are sold out forever), we'll also have the original canvases and Alan does inform me that he is prepared to do a super special deal on the original Kill Bill painting - see him at the show. You shouldn't have any problem finding us because we'll have the massive terminator painting upp on our stand.

Apparantly also in our dealers information there is a ban on alcohol being bought from the bar and then carried round and drank in the hall. This is due to a licensing issue and such we feel that we must agree and abide by the instructions so we have decided to are bringe our own. See you Saturday.
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November 16, 2006, 11:08 am

We're just gearing up for the Collectormania show in Manchester this weekend.

We've got Tshirts ready and will be carrying a limited supply with us to the show. The Tshirts that will be available are:

Biker Scout
Taxi Driver
Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction
General Lee

There is also a super special tshirt available which isn't currently available from our tshirt shop. It is a test print that we may add to the shop. It's taken from the Fast & Furious painting.

You may also have noticed that you can no longer buy the Bruce Lee Game of Death print either from our site or from the ebay shop. This is because it has SOLD OUT, although we do have a special which we will take with us to Manchester. It will be print number 50 and is framed in a nice posh Beech frame, ready to hang on your wall. There will also be another framed print number 50 available, but you'll have to come to the show to find out which one.

Talking of Bruce Lee, Alans has sketched a couple of sketches of what may possibly be the next Bruce Lee painting.

Opinions are welcome, just leave a comment to this blog.

As stock is limited at the shows we do (we can't bring 10 of every print as they would break the axles in Alans car!) so as usual, if anyone wants anything specific please let us know now so that we can make sure we have it with us and we'll keep it to one side.
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November 07, 2006, 8:01 pm

I updated the site last night with 3 new prints. There is a great new Matrix print featuring trinity and neo, a really cool Blade print (proceeds will not be going to pay his tax bill) and a wicked picture of the Big Boppa's car from Mad Max.

I also thought you'd like to see a recent sketch. Alan has been asked several times, particularly when we are at the shows, if he would do a Wild Bunch picture. Alan finally sucumbed and has produced a sketch. Whether or not this ends up as a painting and print is another matter. You'll have to wait and see.

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