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March 20, 2009, 7:14 pm

Only a week to go before Memorabilia at the NEC. As we are not sure how popular the show will be in these turbulent times and have decided to cut our cloth accordingly. To that end we will be exhibiting in half the space we normally take - with half the staff (Jason has decided to take a trip to Hull).

So what can we offer to anyone attending the show..... How about this....

or perhaps this......

or maybe this

How about a FREE calendar with every large print purchased.

I am working hard to complete HarleyQuinns Twilight request and hopefully that will be there too. We are positioned somewhere on the second isle and will have the big Joker painting with us so come and say hello.
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March 03, 2009, 5:09 pm

Where did February go? Anyway I'm back and I have been pretty busy over the last month or so. Why no blog you may ask....... well I'm not that good at keeping secrets and I had been tasked with painting a picture for a regular visitors' 18th birthday present. To keep the secret I decided it was best to go dark (as they say in secret service speak) and drop off the radar. So here it is - Ciarans 18th birthday present. Clint Eastwood as Inspector 'Dirty" Harry Callahan.

Here is a photo of Ciaran with his present along with some in progress shots.

There will be a limited run of prints available soon. Expect to see some more new pieces in the next couple of weeks (there might be a sneak peek on our Facebook page if I can work out how to upload an image). My daughter, Harleyquinn, has persuaded me (pleaded desperately actually) to paint a portrait of an ex Harry Potter actor - I believe he played Cedric. Apparently he has just starred in a new film about some vampire, werewolf love triangle - ohhh I've just been told not to say anymore as thats the plot of the sequel. I told you I couldn't keep secrets. Until later.....
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